Martin 1960s ‘Imperial’ Bb Tenor, #305k (Archived)

Vintage Martin 'Imperial' Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1960s
  • Make: Martin
  • Model: Imperial(student)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Lacquer body, Nickel keys
  • Serial Number: 305,4xx

Here is a sleeper sax! - I love Martins and most knowledgeable people do too. This sax has the richness in the tone that Martins are known for. It's a lighter horn too! This makes it great for a student, or especially marching band or pep band (that's why I scouted this one).

Cosmetic Rating: 7.3 -- some vintage wear and tear.

CASE: Yes. TBD - I have to pair it with one.

All Student/Intermediate saxes come with, at least, a mouthpiece... and usually anything that came in the case with that sax.

PC Tune-up work pending.

Item #:WWS4.7E7.7E8.02271.8-C0