Olds 1940s ‘Super’ Eb Alto, Silver #1,31x (Archived)

F.E. Olds Super Alto, Silver

Price: SOLD
  • Year: ~1938-45?  (+/- 1941)
  • Make:  Olds
  • Model: Super
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Silver Plated - 90%+
  • Serial Number: 1,31x

Recent WWS Rebuild.

The rare OLDs Super... These are strongly linked to Martins - think: Committee 1 & 2 blended.

We had a special rebuild/restoration planned for this one ("after" photos just posted). We helped the dings in the body, spot silver plate some of the wear and add in the full rebuild with new pads, corks, alignments, oils ...etc (new neck cork added after these photos). The horn is owned by my apprentice, Sean, and he helped throughout the phases of the rebuild. I feel like we brought back some of the respectable look, playability, and charm of this model and you'll get to enjoy it for years to come.

Noteable repair: Aside from the noticeable bell lip repairs and the spot silver plating, the C#1 post(upper, near G# lever) had a rough life were we opted to help fill in the post threading, tab fit, and replaced the lost screw with a functioning screw rather than replace the entire original post.  Also, for a brief look at the sax in 85% silver finish "before" photo, see here: OLDS "before".

CASE: A vintage wood case, from the HA Selmer bundy (JK) era.

REBUILD: WWS Standard: Prestini Tan pads, Resos at "60%+" (larger!) sizing (flat nickel with rivet), natural cork throughout, plus extra love for OLDS keywork.  Ask me about special gold plating on the engraving or other ideas that we are considering. 

2016 added research (to be continued): Prior to growing internet knowledge, Sarge used his collection and experience to help with the history and profiles on saxes. This horn needs an update to documentation: The CA company employed a former Martin employee. Thus the strong link in design from Martin. Was is made by Martin?-No; but you can clearly see the direct similarities.

TONE: milky, rich, warm, and very even intonation!

Sound File to enjoy...

Track 1: Actual Sax! in a "blind" comparison...

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    ALTOs-BLIND-4x: Selmer Mark VI #199k, The Martin Alto #169k, Olds Super #1319, King Zephyr Special #223k

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