Other: ‘KSC – USA’ Eb Alto, #N60k (Archived)

KSC - USA - Alto Sax

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1970s/80s?
  • Make:  KSC (?)
  • Model: KSC USA (Mark VII copy?)
  • Status: SOLD
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: N60,xxx

Here's a tricky sax/potential "diamond in the rough". I believe, due to some info from the past owner, that this could be a 1970s/early80s build that was a copy of a Selmer Mark VII. (I'm guessing here with my experience). It is a heavy build and you'll see all the great things that we love for ergos. Oh, and don't forget that it has high F# also. There is a little aging on the nickel keys. That's nothing to worry about.

TONE: The tone is not quick " vintage Selmer" as it is a little brighter. However, it is not the same extra bright tone of the modern saxes.

PADS: older, factory pads. PC work pending.

CASE: wood case. "good/ok" condition.

For this sax, we will include a basic tune-up and it will continue to play excellent. I see this as a great "step-up"/intermediate sax for someone on a budget... or a very nice pep band horn!

 Sound File - ... ask

Item #:WWSL0ES2.5ES0.00.611.7-C-001