Otto Link ‘RG-Berg Larsen’ Tenor – 0.118″ (Archived)

Otto Link 'RG-Berg Larsen' Tenor - 0.118"

Price: $100.00
  • Make: Otto Link
  • Model:   RG - Berg Larsen
  • Number: 118
  • Era:  2005+
  • Status: Sold
  • Ligature: N/A- Ask! (Comes with Original Box)
  • Facing:  Original
  • Tip-Size:  0.118"

A newer hard rubber mouthpiece for the advanced player. You can find these new for about $130, but it will be non-inspected. very large tip size is not for beginners. The bullet designed chamber is that of the Berg Larsen tone. (my personal bias).

Description from the JJ Babbit Company:

"Want your music soft and mellow?
Bright and edgy?
Have it your way with the all-new RG, by Otto Link.
The Easy-to-blow RG has a unique parabolic chamber for big, dynamic sound at all projection levels. A hard rubber tooth protector runs full bite length; the thickness encourages an open embouchure allowing a big sound. Available in hard rubber or satin stainless steel finish.
Satin gold plating available as special order.
Choose from three tip openings: .108", .118", .128"
Another jj Babbitt exclusive."