Otto Link ‘Super Tone Master – 6*S’ Tenor, FL-Double Band (WWS) – 0.099″ (Archived)

Otto Link "STM" [6*S] Tenor, Double Band

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Otto Link
  • Model:  Super Tone Master, Double Band
  • Number:  6*S
  • Era:  1950s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Yes
  • Facing: WWS
  • Tip-Size:  0.099"

Full Package: Box, ligature and cap!

...on arrival, an improper tip measurement at 082", now a 0.099"!!! (or a Link 6**) It arrived with an improper curve and tip size. Between Bob Carpenter and myself doing a duos worth of the refacing work, this will be a superb player once we are satisfied. Under close inspection, we knew it was our duty to bring this baby to life! All repairs were sealed with silver & gold plating.

" 6 * S " = This "S" marking is very very rare. It is original with the mouthpiece, as the marking is also on the box and the number stamped on the table.


This era is a great era of mouthpieces and it now plays easy after the refacing work.

TONE: Huge tone/resonance in the low end, a more medium tone in the middle and high ranges. Evenness and sultry. This era is known for ....greatness.

I know you'll want to try this one.

WWS Refacing work: Complete.

Sound File on this Otto Link:
     ... Sorry - none on file.

Item: WWS0S3.1S5.2111.6-C180BC0