Selmer 1932 ‘Super – Cigar Cutter’ Eb Alto, #17,4xx (Archived)

 1932 Selmer Super 'Cigar Cutter' Eb Alto

Price: $3,750.00
  • Year:  1932
  • Make:  Selmer Super
  • Model: Cigar Cutter
  • Status:  Listing Pulled (Owner loves the horn)
  • Finish: Brass*
  • Serial Number: 17,4xx
(ON CONSIGNMENT - "Plays Great") This saxophone is an off-site consignment, being sold/shipped from the United Kingdom (UK).


"A rare opportunity for the professional saxophonist, collector, enthusiast to acquire a great piece of Selmer Super Saxophone history. This is truly a unique, beautiful looking and sounding vintage saxophone. The elegant, unique finish is a brass-look and for the age of the instrument, it is in incredible condition. It has been brought back to it's best playing order by my technician and I have thoroughly enjoyed gigging and recording with this classic horn. It's tone is unique to this vintage era of Selmer production. It is full, big and vibrant and even puts my legendary Mark VI in the shadow. A true performer and a regrettable sale."

"Pads are in good condition, with the necessary 2 changed 6 months ago."


TONE: Selmer "Supers" are very rich! They are a unique twist to your brain when you are thinking of "Selmer".  Expect a fuller mid-core tone.  (minus the overall improved ergonomics of the SBA and beyond)

FINISH: ***I have not seen the sax except in photos.   -  While the owner of the sax said 'original finish', I must advise to the point of historical reference. My blunt, gut opinion here: it is a custom rendition of the original sax in bare brass. Translation: you don't see these in original condition with the blasting design. However, the engravings and the rest of the sax are in such good condition that it is safe to say that the metal was not overly worked to get it looking like this. (Translation part 2: You could consider it a "stripped, original finish example with custom, matte look".)
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