Selmer 1950 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Bb Tenor, #42,245(Archived)

1950 Selmer 'Super Balanced Action' Tenor #42k

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1950
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model:  Super Balanced Action (SBA)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Relacquer - stunning
  • Serial Number: 42,245

(Consignment Listing - Plays Great - WWS Premium Rebuild)

A fantastic Selmer SBA Tenor for sale from a local collector and player. He had many horns to rotate between so this one didn't see much playing time since WWS did the overhaul in 2012. It has the original selmer end plug also.

FINISH: It was loved enough to be preserved through a very very nice relacquering job. I can't say that I've seen many non-original saxes that look this nice with a popping engraving and clean job. Its originalness could trick many rookies. I am not sure if it was a factory relac job, but it was done excellently. ***NOTE: please ask me more about the color as its beauty is one that cameras cannot seem to capture. It has such a deep orange-yellow tint best captured in the feature photo.

PADS: They are tan Prestini pads with seamless, metal domed resonators (Vintage Selmer Style pad work) with lots of life left. The sax was fully rebuilt in 2012 by WWS with a Premium Rebuild ($299) upgrade of synthetic corks, ultrasuede, teflon, etc... at the time of these pads installed, the rebuild was $1,300+ after local taxes.

CASE: Original Selmer tri-pack case in good condition to match (No clarinet insert). The owner said it may have some vintage smell. Although, that is why he had another case. If you would like to discuss another/additional case, we can look at a new Protec ProPac at a discounted price.

This sax will leave here with a complete "tuneup-adjustment" as needed - playing excellent.

Sound files of SBA's to enjoy:

***Actual Sax on TRACK 1 below

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    TENORs: The Martin Tenor #166k, Selmer SBA #51k, Selmer Mark VI 3103k - Sound File 2019 with Jonny U
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    TENORs-3x--Selmer SBA 53k, Selmer Mark VI 108k, Conn 10M 295k on a 1960s Dukoff D8 nickel-plated brass