Selmer 1977 ‘Mark VII’ Eb Alto, w/ F#, #267,4xx (Archived)

1977 Selmer Mark VII Alto

Price: $2,699.00

  • Year:  1977
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model: Mark VII
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 267,4xx

The little brother to the famous Mark VI - it took years of innovation for Selmer to release a new model. The Mark VII was made from 1974-1980. There are a few main differences of from the VI that are easier to notice: Left hand pink cluster enlarged and the right hand pinky cluster expanded (something we see still today on modern saxes!).

FINISH: Worn original lacquer - This sax was in storage for the past 20 years and mostly adult owned/used with that family. The finish is a bit worn, spotty, and tricky to make a judgment on. The previous owner (from 1980 on) said they did no changes to the finish. For that reason I will say it is original lacquer. It's doesn't make sense that it would have been altered in its first 3 years. Neither the previous owner or myself can explain the pattern of wear on the bell and bow; it is not obviously from this case, which I have seen on others(see Vito discoloration etc).

Also, there are a few springs that are blended - steel & stainless. I see about two types of pads, some look original. There is one foot post to resolder (C1 mid) on the bow. Around this serial # was when you stopped seeing the floral selmer engravings - so this [no engraving] is normal.

ERGOS: The are slick, and French. The pinky cluster may be awkward at first for those with small hands, but the main stack fingers are very fast.

CASE: Original Selmer hard case is good condition.

REBUILD: This sax will need get a full rebuild for the price listed above. Unless you have a preference, I would recommend a Selmer Rebuild with tan pads and plastic resos.

TONE: mid-heavy, focused Selmer tone; It's more thin/focused/mid core only tone than the VI (a little darker, rounder). This is what the Mark VII was designed for. For this reason I don't recommend boosting the Mark VII resos until you know what you're getting into! It's "selmer" tone, but it is different than a Mark VI.

Sounds Files to enjoy:

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