Selmer 1987 ‘USA – 164/TS100’ Bb Tenor, #826,102(Archived)

1980s Selmer "USA" [Professional] TS100 Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1987-90
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model: USA Omega 164/TS100 (~1986-93)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 826,102
Late era Selmer USA tenor - One of the secret gems in the whole sax world! I have plans with this sax to be a great Pro Tenor for a player on a "budget". Let me restate that: a Pro, Selmer, Tenor... for under $3,000. That is a very hard thing to offer. I'm actually excited to help you fall in love with this one.

CASE: original hard case in great condition; hard wood rectangle style. These Selmer Vanguard cases are heavy and solid.

PADS: "selmer style" - tan pads with large plastic resonators. The

Serial #826,1xx, Original lacquer finish at 85%. It was the 4th or 5th horn to a professional in the sax business and was repadded in the recent years to be his main mouthpiece tester sax. It is in excellent condition overall and only had the thumbhook moved slightly for better comfort - the new location is nice to me too.

A bit of historical discussion(with added sax forum research): Arguments over the true Omega Model 162 alto (164 as tenor) saxes (note that "Omega" nor "162" nor "AS100" was ever engraved on the saxes) may be different than the AS100 models that followed. The main noticeable differences were the engraving change, the high F# change from brass to pearl, and the thumbhook from brass to plastic. From there the AS110 changed the Front F from pearl to a teardrop. Earlier models #820k-#823k, somewhere in the ~#824,xxx these changes appeared.(LINK) There is also a plausible case for a change in lacquer hue on the non-silver models.

Discrepancies for needed research: a fellow claims to have had a pearl F# on his #821K bought in 1984 (LINK). Perhaps the original Model 162 Omega was only a brief set of numbers - or perhaps there was some overlap! How long did the Omega/AS110 run go?... the chatter suggests about #829K(I've seen 0,830K) and thus until about 1993.  The oldest serial number that I have seen anyone claim a #0,830K sax from this run; it was a tenor - AND note that it had a "0" placed before the numbers! = "0830307" (also seen listed/sold through CEWinds). (All of this should be expected to apply to the tenor versions, Model 164 and TS100)

Sound Files ... sorry none...


Item #:WWS10ES.6ES6.00.05212.0-C0