Selmer ‘”Soloist C*”‘ Tenor, 1970s Long Scroll Shank – 0.076″ (Archived)

Selmer "Soloist C*", long scroll shank

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Price: $219.00 SOLD
  • Make: Selmer
  • Model: Soloist
  • Number: C*
  • Era:  1970s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Yes
  • Facing: Original
  • Tip-Size: 0.076"
Hard Rubber mouthpiece, script in good condition! Quality hard rubber, tall-wide horseshoe chamber... Original tip at 0.076". Good focused tone. Very versatile for concert band, or orchestra work, or subtle vintage jazz. Comes with original metal ligature and cap! (valued at $40-80)

Sound File (on a [short shank] model):
  1. 1.

Item: WWS0W0.0W0.3101.7-0