SML 1955 ‘Revision D’ Bb Tenor, Perma-Gold, 99% #12k (Archived)

1955 Perma-Gold Plate SML, Revision D Tenor

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1955
  • Make:  SML
  • Model:  Revision D
  • Status:  SOLD!
  • Finish:  Original Perma-gold plate over silver
  • Serial Number: 12,xxx

These are superb tenors, made in France and rare as well. This one is in original perma-gold plate that I will call 98%. The Rev D is very well respected and known for a uniquely special tone.  This sax has a nice engraving and I love the shiny vs matte look SML created in this original setup. Serial # 12xxx = 1955, Gold Finish was SMLs top option and super rare, thus the price. SML saxophones have a big Conn 10m like sound, but the advantage of french mechanical design, so they are more ergonomic. The SMLs really do have a sound all their own--French focus crossed with American Beef--Superb!  Did I mention that my personal alto is a Rev D?!?!   The case is currently a none original vintage case is nice shape. This one has yet to be rebuilt but it completely deserves "The Sarge Special Rebuild"--Premium with larger resos (Resotech-gold ones!). Price includes the deluxe rebuild!

SOLD... This sax is one that I wish I would have kept.

Sound Files of SMLs:
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    TENORSx3-2xMPCS-MarkVi_30M_SMLrevD-- 1
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