Tenor, Ligature and Cap: Selmer 1960s, Mark VI/Soloist (Archived)

1960s Selmer Tenor Ligature & Cap

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Selmer
  • Model:  Mark VI/Soloist
  • Number:  N/A
  • Era:  1960s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Finish: lacquer
  • Facing: N/A
  • Size: Standard Tenor

Ligature and cap from early 1960s era Selmer Mark VIs - originally paired with Selmer Soloist mouthpieces and Mark VI saxophones.

Color is a nice, deep yellow. MATCHING on the ligature.
Cap = very good condition with 90% lacquer remaining.
Ligature = 60% lacquer remaining.

Item#: WWS00.00.01019.8-C0