Theo Wanne ‘DURGA 3 – 7*’ Tenor, Gold – 0.105″ (Archived)

 Theo Wanne DURGA, Model 3 Tenor

(last photos credit WoodwindBrasswind)

Price: SOLD

(Brand New - $750- with Full Packaging)

  • Make: Theo Wanne
  • Model: Durga 3
  • Number:  7*
  • Era:  2019
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Original
  • Facing: Original
  • Tip-Size: 0.105"

Theo's work and creations continue to amaze the world. I know I tried a Durga tenor mouthpiece about 2-3 years ago, and it was great then, however this Durga 3 did not sound like the one I remember. It was "More". I won't say more.

Current retail description via

"The DURGA 3 is both powerful and fat-sounding. It can scream or play a soft ballad, with a uniquely designed baffle and deeply rounded inner side walls with the True Large Chamber, and a Power Ring.

The Power Ring is a ring set at the back of the chamber that radically tapers the chamber down, giving the mouthpiece the benefits of the True Large Chamber with the power found in small chamber mouthpieces. It is machined from blocks of solid brass. Many alto players who never liked metal mouthpieces before, love this mouthpiece.

The DURGA has a technically advanced design (PATENTED) and manufacturing process (PATENT PENDING). The result is a powerful mouthpiece with a huge core and breadth of sound. No longer does the saxophonist need to have a thin sound in order to get huge power and projection. The DURGA is both powerful and fat sounding simultaneously.

The secret to the DURGA lies in a uniquely designed baffle coupled with deeply rounded inner side walls and a special power version of our True Large Chamber incorporating a Power Ring. The Power Ring is a ring set at the back of the chamber that radically tapers the chamber down. This allows the mouthpiece to get all the benefits of our True Large Chamber AND the power inherent in small chamber mouthpieces.

No other mouthpiece in history has been designed like this before; it will blow you away. It can both scream and play a soft ballad and is so much fun to play. Its huge sound makes everything before it sound thin and/or stuffy in comparison.

  • Great for Jazz, R&B, and Rock & Roll
  • Projects a sensual tone that is flirtatious and erotic. It makes everyone want to dance
  • It is so unique; it really has to be played to be understood and believed
  • Radical Power-Version of our True Large Chamber
  • Rounded inner side walls all the way to the tip
  • Uniquely shaped long step baffle
  • Revolutionary True Large Chambers - Huge
  • Patented, state-of-the-art, interior design with rounded inner side walls
  • Finish: Reticulated 24K Gold with vintage black highlights
  • Serial Number: Includes specific run and individual mouthpiece number
  • Pressure Plates: Includes both Alive Gold and Heavy Copper pressure plates and a precision screwdriver
  • Ligature: Includes integrated two-point contact Liberty Ligature and a precision hex-driver
  • Patented Reed Replacer Cap
  • User replaceable bite pads with varying hardness

Order today for, arguably, the best of the best."