Theo Wanne ‘Gaia 1 – 6’ Soprano, Rubber – 0.060″ (Archived)

 Theo Wanne GAIA, Model 1 Soprano Mouthpiece

***Note: Photo of a GAIA packaging in view is near identical.

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Theo Wanne
  • Model: Gaia 1
  • Number:  6
  • Era:  2010s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Original
  • Facing: Original
  • Tip-Size: 0.060"

The original design that started it all - the Gaia (model 1) is used by Jan Garbarek and will add some depth and body to the normally thin and reserved soprano sax tone.

This is basically Factory New - in all original packaging with case, cap, and ligature screwdriver. However, as it is a Demo example, the lig screw has some gold wear on the edges, thus the markdown.

Current retail description via

"The GAIA Soprano has revolutionized the soprano world. It has modern projection, but a full rich, fat, and robust sound never before heard from a soprano mouthpiece. Theo has combined vintage and modern mouthpiece attributes for a breakthrough in soprano mouthpiece design.

The GAIA tends towards a traditional Jazz sound, but is quite versatile. The GAIA has a slight roll-over baffle, precision-sculpted inner sidewalls, and TW's True Large Chamber for a simply huge and alive vintage sound.

The GAIA hard rubber uses the highest quality, most resonant, hard rubber available today in saxophone mouthpieces. By optimizing manufacturing techniques and recipes for hard rubber manufactured in the 1940s and 50s by the Meyer Bros., Otto Link, and Henry Chedeville, the rich resonant sound previously only available in vintage mouthpieces is back.

The GAIA Soprano's True Large Chamber has broken new ground. Large chambered soprano mouthpieces where common in the first half the last century. They combined a large chamber with a low baffle and floor configuration. These made good classical mouthpieces, but they never really worked for the Jazz or Rock world.

The window/floor/baffle/chamber/side wall configuration is unique and represents the birth of a whole new world for the soprano saxophone. The GAIA soprano mouthpiece gives a sense of personal freedom and expression not possible before in a soprano mouthpiece.


  • Full, rich and fat traditional sound with a hint of edge
  • Medium Roll-Over Baffle combined with True Large Chamber
  • Fully machined for incredible accuracy
  • Serial Number includes specific run and individual mouthpiece number
  • Includes both Alive Gold and Heavy Copper pressure plates and a precision screwdriver
  • Includes innovative, three-point contact, Enlightened Ligature and precision hex-driver
  • Patented Reed Replacer Cap
  • User replaceable bite pads with varying hardness