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Conn 1932 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, Silver #251k

Now $2,599.00 - New Rebuild - Ready to Play! A SILVER, Naked Lady, from the Transitional era: Serial #251,xxx. These have a cult following as the first of the Naked Lady run. The body is in great overall shape. No major damage and a gorgeous sax. Rebuilt with black roo pads and seamless flat resonators.

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Selmer ‘Liberty LAS-501L’ Eb Alto #6,124k

$650.00 - "Better than student sax" - Liberty Alto Sax (LAS) model 501 is a different ergo feel than the AS500 series, or like. It is like the La Voix (AS 220). This will be a great sax for a beginner, step up and/or can do pep/marching or whatever. They really are a quality build that can meet your needs. It has high F# and the warm bronze-brass body tubing - you can see the two-tone color, and this can be found at an online music store listed for $1,275 New.

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