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Kolhert 1957 ‘Model 57’ Eb Alto, #35k

$1,179.00 - A rarer sax from the pinnacle of the Kolhert factory. Model 57 is considered their best sax.  "...They just sound really, really good. They are much like a vintage Keilwerth, although a bit 'edgier' than a Keilwerth; and a bit more 'aggressive' and 'wider' in tone than a French or Italian horn. Intonation tends to be quite good."

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Buescher 1963 ‘Buescher 400’ Eb Alto #394k

$1,299.00 - Want a Top Hat for half the price? Model S-5 or "Post TH&C", it's a B400 with the big 400 bell, Lacquer body nickel keys, some original pads and snap in resos. This late era is very much like the TH&C but a cheaper option to consider. Big bell flare, rear bell keys, Gold Norton spring system, and all snaps are present! Some dents and dings will get some attention during the rebuild and they should come out nicely.

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