Claude Lakey ‘7*’ Soprano, (WWS reface)- 0.068″+

Claude Lakey 7* Soprano

Price: $80.00

(includes WWS tip "refacing")

  • Make: Lakey
  • Model:
  • Number: 7*
  • Era: 2000s
  • Status: For Sale!
  • Ligature:
  • Facing:  WWS reface included
  • Tip-Size:  0.068"+

Rubber, arrived with a modified tip at 0.068" by some bozo. I think I can help it play great and improve cosmetically. INSPECTION REQUIRED (WWS refacing work) no ligature, on arrival. Ask me for extras if I can help with the ligature. used condition. Ask me to inspect/perfect the tip seal.

Item #: WWS3S7.34.441.6-018