Buffet 1974 ‘S-1’ Bb Tenor, SDA Transitional #22,3xx

1974 Buffet Crampon S-1 Transitional

Tune Up Price: $2,599.00
Rebuilt Price: $3,299.00 ON HOLD
  • Year: 1974
  • Make: Buffet
  • Model: S-1 Transitional
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 22,3xx

(On Consignment - Plays OK)

A rare Buffet S-1 transitional with "Super Dynaction" on the body, and no [S-1] label on the bell. But make no mistake, it has all the S-1 components minus the high F#. So no F#3... maybe you'll like that. There's always some voodoo that that hole effects the vibrations.

You'll also notice the neck color variation compared to the body. I do believe it is original simply do to the "transitional" horn details that are evident here. And it is a Buffet neck with the lighter color that is so common on all the later S-1s. There are a few dents that I want to remove/treat too.

Known for its well design, these heavy horns keep adjustment well and are very reliable, also excellent intonation and crazy gadgets on the Eb/C rocker, Low Bb table, & opt. F#--Highly over-engineered. The S-1 is actually quite brighter and bolder than the previous SDAs; so they're a cross between the Buffet SDA & a King Super 20 but lean towards the French sound.

CASE: older hard case, wood, black wrap; in good working order.

PADS: It arrived with pads that were updated at least once in it's life. They can last a while. Due to that, we are offering the lower Tune-Up price to tend to the oldest/worn out pads, which covers about five or so, and various other adjustments we've accounted for. Or ask us about the full rebuild options.

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Item #: WWSConRF0W0.0W21.00.12061.8-C0-L009