Buffet 1978 ‘S-1’ Eb Alto, w/ high F#, #27k (Archived)

1978 Buffet S-1 Alto Sax (w/ high F#)

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1978
  • Make:  Buffet
  • Model:  S-1
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 27,xxx

(On Consignment - Plays Good)

COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Original Buffet Mouthpiece, ligature, neckstrap, and cork grease included. (Buffet C2 rubber mouthpiece, tip @ 0.068".)

Another stunning looker! - Pretty - These are considered the pinnacle of Buffet's designs.  They are known mostly for they're genius (or wacky) rockers on the C#/Bb and Eb/C...."only sax in history to be able to comfortably go from low C# to Low Bb"(in Sarge's words). They have a French richness in tone and smooth action. Ergos have a High rating for comfort. Tone is brighter than the Super Dynaction era prior. I would say these are like a focused Buffet sound crossed with a King Super 20 cutting abilities; and it is a well designed heavy horn. it keeps its adjustment well and is overall reliable. Typical S-1 style neck with the cut-out for the F#, adjustable thumbrest, several screw adjusters throughout (like selmers).

The serial number is 27,4xx, which means it was made in 1978.   EXCELLENT Original Lacquer is about 97% although there are some very minor scratches to note, the neck cork was sanded beyond the cork(on metal) and one lone repair to the bell brace hidden under the keys (body side); this also put a dimple-dent inside the bell. Those are the two unfortunate battle wounds to mention on this beautiful sax. Nothing else to point out. The photos should tell the rest of the story.

PADS: Original Setup. Plays very good considering the age.

CASE: Original Buffet case is excellent shape to match - with keys!

Sound file to enjoy; actual sax in Track 1:
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    ALTOs File-JeffK-on-Buffet_S-1_#27k--Conn_6M_262k--Selmer_USA_Omega_824k--King_Super20_Silversonic_477k--MPC Selmer Short shank refaced to 99
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Item #: WWSConsignJH1S6.0S0.-08091.7-F80