Couf 1990s ‘A3200’ Eb Alto, #319k (Archived)

H.Couf A3200 Alto Sax

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1990s
  • Make: Couf (Keilwerth/Armstrong)
  • Model: A3200
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: #319,23x

*Disclaimer - bias? I play on a Couf pro tenor.

Rich tone and quality were never absent on Couf saxes, whether there made and sold by Herbert Couf or the later examples that are fully branded for Armstrong. These can be "starter" saxes but they are better than that, in my opinion.  I would give them a nod into the Intermediate level/semi-pro. They have a strong build and meaty core to the sound; with nice ergos, good metal, and a lineage of Keilwerth parts, they will stand out next to a newer student sax.

This era maintained the Couf body core tubing (wide bell and case fit) and started adapting the next manufacturer's keywork. It has high F# and will be able to handle all types of music. This particular sax's history is that it was adult owned, purchased New (probably $2000) and played for only a few months.

CASE: - Yes. Nice original hard case.

Cosmetic Rating: 9.0

Item#: WWS0S5.0S0.0S0.08031.9-C0