Kolhert 1957 ‘Model 57’ Eb Alto, #35k (Archived)

 1957 Kolhert 57 Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1957
  • Make:  Kohlert
  • Model: Model 57
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 35,173

A rarer sax from the pinnacle of the Kolhert factory. Model 57 is considered their best sax due to the decline and partnerships thereafter. You can seen influences from many makers especially Conn and German makers. It arrived from being stored and getting some stinky issues but it is worth saving. The body is in excellent condition for straightness and lacquer %. There are some missing screws on the key guards that will need replaced (easy), and I am suggesting/including a full spring replacement ($210). There is a tighter feel to the pinky cluster that was a strong favorite in the market place

Info via SaxPics.com:
"Again, Kohlert labeled a group of horns according to specific years produced: 55, 57, 58 and 59. These are the last "good" Kohlerts ever produced, according to most popular opinion, with the 57 being the unarguable best.
The 55 is essentially a slightly redesigned Winnenden, but the 57 is a completely new design with right hand bell keys and somewhat reworked keywork. According to some, particularly www.cybersax.com, it's on par with the Mark VI in terms of sound quality.
In 1956, Kohlert's pro model was actually an Amati-assembled Keilwerth (see above), but they seem to have reintroduced the Regent around this time. IMHO, this horn looks like a 57 with different plating. If you look at a 1958 Regent - and factor in comments from some owners - it appears that the Regent became an "intermediate" model by the time the 57 was actually introduced."

SOUND: "French-like" - selmer without the nasal. As it would have been competing with the Mark VI in Europe but having some Conn influence, I expect it to be a bit warmer/spread/bolder than French tone. I really want to see what this sax can do and get reacquainted with it's rare tone.

Other Valuable input from SOTW Forum's Distiguished contributor JayeLID:
     "...they just sound really, really good. They are much like a vintage Keilwerth, although a bit 'edgier' than a Keilwerth; and a bit more 'aggressive' and 'wider' in tone than a French or Italian horn. Intonation tends to be quite good."

REBUILD: You can make it your own! I have done many versions of pad + reso setups but I may advise we do a Vintage Standard: tan pads with flat metal resos like a Conn.

CASE: It will need a new case. You can help choose that, but some upgraded options would be at your cost/desire. New Protec MAX included ($119); upgrades available.

These horns are the "unarguable best" Kolhert and can hold their own with any major manufacturer, especially when compared to the 1950s. It will just be a matter of your tone preference - not a poor build issue. It really is a shame that the demand on these is low. It is a marketing/awareness issue even today. Great saxes.

AUDIO: This is the best video I can find to share with a hope that it helps. Thanks to jg840 for making it.

 Item #:WWS0W0.0W0.04141.9-C0-L001