Martin 1950 ‘The Martin’ Bb Tenor, #174k

1950 Martin 'The Martin' Tenor

Price: $2,299.00 Rebuilt
  • Year:  1950
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model: The Martin
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Relacquer
  • Serial Number: 174,xxx

(On Consignment - rebuild strongly recommended)

It's not a complete "looker" but I have some very high expectations that that means it will be a great "player"; as tends to be the case -- ugly ones play better. It is missing rear guard post (on the tube) and I expect to find an exact replacement; neckstrap ring reversed from wear(wearing again) that we can discuss options. It is a tricky relac that had me thinking twice because the engraving was well protected. So I suspect it's a factory job.

Matching neck serial #.

Rebuild included with price.

CASE: yes. old martin original.

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    Tenors file: Selmer MKVI vs. Martin Comm 2 vs. Martin Comm 3
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    TENORs-4x_Conn Chu New Wonder II #243k, Keilwerth Tone King #37k-Plastic wF#, The Martin Tenor #166k, Conn 10M #H42k, on an early Berg 105 boat tail, Sound File 10-2017
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Item #:WWSConRF0W0.0W08.50.12061.8-C0-L004