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Berg Larsen ‘100-3-M’ Tenor, 2000s Bronze (Gold Series), (RAC) – 0.107″ (Archived)

ON TRIAL - $350.00 - Bob's Collection: Marked [100-3-M], this mouthpiece was enhanced to play better by mouthpiece guru Bob Carpenter. Even some of the great Bergs don't leave the factory playing very well. The "3" baffle does limit the treble (darkest setting), and you'll notice that it still contains the medium-core tone of a Berg. With the original Berg box, ligature and cap.
The description from the Berg Larsen website:
"Produced using the latest casting techniques, bronze is widely used throughout the music industry for its resonate qualities.
These highly polished mouthpieces are particularly resistant to tarnishing and are extremely hardwearing.
The insert is made from grained ebonite. Usually "SLIM" comes with chamber 0 or 1 and "NEW" with chamber 2 or 3. BUT they can be made according to your preferences."***This particular 0.107" Berg listing is the standard "New" width with the #3 chamber. (That means that it is a [cliff] baffle instead of the bullet chamber). Item: BC2W0.0W0.5201.7-BC

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Otto Link ‘Super Tone Master – 9*’ Tenor, Florida USA (WWS reface)- 0.123″ (Archived)

$950.00 SOLD - Ultra rare, side-stamped 9* tenor mouthpiece. It arrived with a 0.120" tip that had crooked rails and a poor tip seal. It also had a custom baffle that we took out. The tip and rails looked original, so I must conclude that it took a tough bump along the way. Otherwise, no other obvious damage to figure out that story. It is currently paired with a 1990s/00s ligature. This era is a great era of mouthpieces and now plays easy after the refacing work. TONE: Huge tone/resonance in the low end, a more medium tone in the middle and high ranges. This era is known for regaining the warmth as the baffle leveled/rounded out. I know you'll want to try this one. WWSL0W3.0W0..3311.7-C60-006

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Selmer 1963 ‘Mark VI’ Bb Tenor, #108k

ON HOLD/Pending - $5,399.00 REDUCED - #108k, player/collector's delight, ORIGINAL lacquer 75%! Will need a full rebuild to be fully enjoyable, however, I will tune it up so that you can play test it on the old pads. There are signs of past dent work in the bell and bow, one noticeable dent on the front bow guard, evidence of minor pull-down that was repaired well.
SOUND: This sax has a great resemblance in sound to the early 5-digit selmers. NOTE: rumor has it that the great craftsmen of the late 50s were still working on the Mark VIs through about #110xxx. This means that you can have that 5-digit tone in a sax like this and save $1000-4000 off that early-era pricing.
CASE: used protec case(blue) in nice shape.

Item #:WWS5W0.00.841.6-50ConsignmentKD

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Brilhart ‘Level Air #7 < #9' Tenor, 2000s, (RAC) - 0.110"

ON TRIAL - This is one of my favorite mouthpieces of the modern makers! (my bias is toward a #7 tip). This was repaired/refaced by master refacer Bob Carpenter. All repairs were silver plated to seal them. Although you can get these new for a little less money, this one was inspected and perfected by hand. SOUND: a depth in tone (like a Berg Larsen), which crispness from the metal (nickel plated brass). Comes with replacement, brass ligature.
Item: BC1W0.0W0.5231.7-BC

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Keilwerth 1992 ‘Buffet Expression’ Bb Tenor, #98k (Archived)

SOLD - A pro sax that is the precursor to the Julius Keilwerth SX90. Don't let the "Buffet" label fool you; this is a Keilwerth sax. complete with the C/Eb design, high F# layout, and don't forget the adjustable palm key heights too! Serial # 98,xxx, it was built in about 1992. The dating is less exact on this era, but all info points to 1991-93. In the history of companies, Buffet and Keilwerth came under one ownership. Rumors from a friend/player in Iceland: These being made in the Buffet factory for Keilwerth. This seems correct as the pearl design is not that of Keilwerth (large version), but more like Buffet. SOUND: These are supremely warm and meaty, although not as meaty as my Couf or older JKs. I must insert the rumor here: factory talk of blending the JK with Buffet to build a [JK classical tone]. It this is true, I concur with this attempt because the sound is a bit more focused and reserved than my other Keilwerths in the shop (and my personal horn). REBUILD: I'd like to sell this with a full rebuild, and set it up to your specifications because it is playing on the original pad setup and it beginning to show age beyond what will be enjoyable. Let's discuss what you'd like; otherwise, I can put the JK Standard setup on it: seamless-domed, nickel resonators, on tan pads. CASE: original case in good condition.

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Holton 1922 ‘Elkhorn’ Bb Tenor, Silver #11k

$599.00 - A collector's joy - The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. The serial numbers on the Holton saxes can be misleading online. For dating, note the Eb/C touch design shape, the thick neckstrap ring, the split bell keys... This sax also features:
--G# trill
--Eb3 trill

FINISH: Original silver plate, in excellent 90%+ condition

SOUND: Sweet, vintage, ... more to come here...

Original (near) 100 year old pads installed! WOW! They are the white leather with a stitch in the center (no rivets used yet). You can bet the tone is restricted, yet fit for the era. What a "collector piece". There is a vintage, musty smell than must be mentioned. I have yet to treat the case to help.
Item #:WWSConMK3.5S0.00.6281.7-0

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