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Selmer 1987 ‘USA – TS100’ Bb Tenor, #826,49x (Archived)

SOLD - One of the secret gems in the whole sax world! I have plans with this sax to be a great Pro Tenor for a player on a "budget". Let me explain: a Pro, Selmer, Tenor... for under $3000. That is a very hard thing to offer. I'll do my best to help you all out.
CASE: original hard case in good+ shape, hard wood rectangle style.
Serial #826,4xx, Original lacquer finish at 75%. It was worked on to 'ok playing' condition and I want to have you help make it your own. It had lost the pants guard--I'll try to add a proper replacement.

Item #:WWS1E2.9S5.3161.6-990C

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Martin 1963 ‘”Official Music Man Model”‘ Tenor, #218k (Archived)

SOLD - Sometimes I get the sentimental stories to enjoy: previously sold and shipped around the world, this sax was repurchased by WWS (Consider that I should stash this in Chadd's Collection). I'll list it for sale at this time even though my other Martin is also for sale (at the time of this posting).
Serial #218k with Black Roos, HUGE silver Resotech resos! This was one of Sarge's Collection saxes. He first got it in original condition and gave it his favorite rebuild setup. He recorded a few tracks on it. We sold it to Switzerland and I had the opportunity arise to buy it back. I took it! It was loved, and played while away. I feel the need to mention a few dings that just happen. The Eb guard was burnished out by me, as well as a little burnishing on a few ding in the bell and bow. The bow guard (front bottom) took a small hit too. Your eyes don't notice these things as you are certainly more drawn to the engraving that is full and crisp.
CASE: Comes with original, orange Martin case in great shape also.

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Martin 1960 ‘The Martin Magna’ Bb Tenor, #210,79x (Archived)

SOLD - It's serial # is 210,79x, made in 1960. This one is an older relac, in nice shape overall. I need to remove a little messy solder on the low C guard and tonehole, but the pics are "before" style, big pics, so you can see anything up close, as it is now. The Magna's extra features are an adjustable octave mechanism screw to control the height of the octave key, an extra big and comfy LH thumb pearl, adjustable bow and bell key felts and extra rollers on the G# table. This one is RMC, so it does have the "Roundtable" crest on it. With the right pad and reso setup in them, these can be the worlds best Bebop' tenors. The sound of the Magna is not much different than any other Committees, but they do have the advantage of a silver cross to ward off attack by Vampires! Great, rare Pro horns, big ol' fat sound, unlike any other...
Now completely rebuilt, (our Vintage rebuild: dissemble it, clean it inside and out, add new natural cork and prestini pads/flat reso's, lube and reassembled it, then check for leaks, she is ready to blow). Comes in nice square protec case. Item: WSS-10

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Martin 1949 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, #166k (Archived)

1949 "The Martin Tenor" [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="2942,2946,2941,2945,2944,2943,2940"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1949 Make:  Martin Model: "The Martin Tenor" [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: relacquer Serial Number: 166,06x [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Serial # 166k, FINISH: 95% pretty! It looks Original, but it's a very good relacquer, it looks like a potential "Factory Relacquer" because the…
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Martin 1947 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, “Martina” #164,360 (Archived)

1948 "The Martin Tenor" a beauty from Chadd's Collection [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6361,6362,6360,2962,2961,2959,2957,2956,2955,2949,2951,2952,2953,2954"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1948 Make:  Martin Model: "The Martin Tenor" [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: original lacquer Serial Number: 164,360 body, 163k Neck [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] "pretty player", black roos pads -May I introduce you to my original "Martina". It's a…
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Martin 1947 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, Silver Resto, #163k (Archived)

1947 SILVER "The Martin Tenor" [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="7924,7931,7925,7930,7929,7928,7927,7926,7923,7922,7921,7920"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1947 Make:  Martin Model: "The Martin Tenor" [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Silver plate, restoration Serial Number: 163,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] A silver restoration from WWS. (On Consignment--will play great after my PC tune up) A WWS rebuild in 2007 by Sarge…
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Martin 1938 ‘Committee II- Lion & Crown’ Bb Tenor, #131k (Archived)

1938 Martin Committee 2 "Lion & Crown" Tenor [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6348,6347,6346,6345,6344,6343,6342,6341,6340,6339"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1938 Make:  Martin Model: Committee 2 "Lion & Crown" [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Factory relacquer? Serial Number: 131,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] A very good looking Comm II Tenor. The lacquer is very clean, however the color doesn't match…
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