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Dolnet 1940s ‘Series II’ Eb Alto, Silver Plated #24k (Archived)

Sound Files - 1940's Vintage, S/N 24,xxx Here's a great vintage alto all original silver plate. This alto comes from the mid 1940's. Dolnet is a great French made saxophone in production since the 1880's. Cosmetically, these are known for their hexagonal keyguards. I haven't had one in here for a couple years, these 40's models are nice heavy horns, stronger metal than the Bel air model, with a big Conn type sound, that is warm and fat

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Conn 1941 ’30M – Connqueror’ Bb Tenor, #304,0xx (Archived)

Here's a great sax, built to play. Recently rebuilt from another top U.S. sax shop and set up to blow loud.

How about this: -Conn 30M tenor!!! coming soon! a "rocket ship player", goes 0-60 in ...BOOM! You all know how you can never take your pretty sax out to the gig, right? This is THE one. it's an ugly, relac, doorbustin', triple-barrel, head turnin' screamer. This one is made to play at the gig! please email me.

CASE: original red conn.

Oh My! I just played this one! I plan on a sound sample...SML Rev D, Conn 30M, and Selmer. I just saw one of these sell on ebay (needed everything) where this price is better considering the Pro Rebuild!

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Buffet 1975 ‘S-1’ Bb Tenor, #23,9xx (Archived)

From Sarge's Collection: This rare Buffet S-1 looks and played absolutely great on arrival but the pads were a big mix bag of old and new ones. The whole horn is pretty clean and is original. we can see a few original acid bleeds (D key cup, C# post...), includes yamaha replacement case. Known for its well design, these heavy horns keep adjustment well and are very reliable, also excellent intonation and crazy gadgets on the Eb/C rocker, Low Bb table, High F#, & opt. F#--Highly over-engineered. The serial number is 23,9xx, which means it was made in 1975. the 70's model Buffets had a little more edge and some folks prefer them for that trait. The S-1 is actually quite brighter and bolder than the previous SDAs; so they're a cross between the Buffet SDA & a King Super 20. We decided to give it a French Standard rebuild with premium extras and put flat metal resos w/ rivet to match its original factory setup.

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Buffet 1972 ‘Super Dynaction (SDA)’ Bb Tenor, #18,3xx w/ F# (Archived)

SOLD- EXCELLENT Original Lacquer is about 98% although there are some scratches (see pics)--Beautiful Speckled Lacquer version! There are no pings, dents, or major scratches to report. one, ONLY one post is dented into the body (C# tube saddle). These compare very favorably to the famed Selmer Mark VI, usually ranked #2. Known for its rich tone and smooth action it is a well designed heavy horn, it keeps it's adjustment well and is very reliable. The serial number is 18,3xx, which means it was made in 1972. the 70's models had a little more edge and some folks prefer them for that trait. Included is the original Buffet hard case which is still in excellent shape to match (except the loss of the main handle, hmmm)--side handle is intact. It will great a "French Standard" rebuild with flat metal resonators to mimic the original setup and natural cork throughout.

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Buescher 1951 ‘Aristocrat III – “156” – Flower’ Bb Tenor, #340k (Archived)

Serial #340,000 (too cool not to list the full number) dates the sax to about 1951-52. This sax is Original Finish, and was a special sax that was repaired by the master, Sarge (WWS creator). It was given a Full Buescher Rebuild by Sarge and was not played much; it received Buescher metal-backed pads for a traditional rebuild and natural cork throughout. Only negative to mention is that one snap went missing in time (F3, too common). Consider the pads: "like new!" CASE: The original case is in great shape to match the shine of the sax. The sax will need minor tune-ups that I'll include in the price.

SOUND: warmth, sultry, very very close to the Big B(series II), just add a bit more treble tones in the clearness of tone.
SOLD One of the best bargain saxes!

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Buescher 1945 ‘Aristocrat II – Big B’ Bb Tenor, #307k (Archived)

Another superb tenor, in the 307,xxx range, Original Lacquer at 85%. They are versatile, warm sounding, comfortable playing tenors, with better intonation than most, even including Selmer. My client has decided to thin his herd of saxes (even after having other pro players love this sax!). It received a faithful Buescher snap in rebuild, with metal backed pads to make it feel original in 2009 by The Sarge. The owner ordered a custom Walt Johnson case ($450!) that is sized for the Big B--it will not fit a Mark VI--it is a Buescher padding template. I would like to sell them as a pair. However, I may entertain an option to try to swap out for another case.

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Guardala ‘DG Studio’ Tenor, Ser#5496 – 0.111″ (Archived)

SOLD - Yep. The Bomb right here. The handmade greatness, # 5496 with "DG" on the front. "Atilla" on the lower shank (???). Original tip @ 0.112" on arrival, but I needed to repair the rail-seal and metal flaking off. WWS REPAIRED TIP @ 0.111". Repairs consisted of seal enhancement and new silver plating to the table and rail edges. Currently, I don't have a ligature paired with it but I'd be happy to look for a good one for you. A slight tooth groove in the bite pad, and a new clear pad stuck on.
Original Guardala memo:

"STUDIO: This is the third brightest of the tenor models. It has tremendous volume with unexcelled resonance and a full and balance frequency response. This model incorporates a high baffle with a medium bore. the sound of this model is clearly demonstrated by Michael Brecker in the period 1979-1982 [Brecker Brothers Band]. The studio can be used for all types of music a 'Studio Man' would encounter from Fusion to Swing, hence the name. This is our middle of the road mouthpiece."

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Dukoff ‘D5 – Miami, FL’ Soprano – 0.060″ (Archived)

typical smooth jazz sound, loud like a Dukoff, high step-slope baffle too. Tip size at original about 0.060". Near a Kenny G sound but he played on a D8. We also installed a clear tooth pad for your comfort and the mouthpiece's protection--There were small teeth marks started. Comes with original ligature and box! Item: WWS2.60.00.2161.1-0

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