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Dukoff ‘Hollywood “BD” #7’ Tenor, 1945 Series 1 Silver, Ser# 637, (WWS reface)- 0.096″ (Archived)

SOLD - silver plated brass, Serial #634, beautiful tone. It arrived with silver separating on the table and the corner tip has a bad seal, also a tooth groove that I had Bob Carpenter fill in to repair. It walked in Original at 0.093", but the repairs were required. I repaired/refaced it to 0.096" and silver plated the repairs and table. A superb Player! medium chamber makes this the Type A (of 2; so, the older model). You will want to try this one!

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Couf ‘Artist 5*S’ Tenor, 1960s/70s Rubber

$125.00 - Here's another great, hard rubber mouthpiece. As Bob says: "these are the good rubber...they even taste like it". Ha, dare I say, he's right. you can taste the quality rubber. (I hope my cleaners can also act as as sealer to the rubber--to help the playing experience away from the taste of vintage rubber). It arrived with original tip at 0.084" but it will get a WWS Reface here. The air goes into straight side-walls, into a Medium round chamber (slightly smaller than my other Couf Artist), currently with no baffle (small rollover likely in reface). This has a semi-slimline look. I have had several of these that were really fun! This one has a slightly smaller medium chamber than Sarge's collection one (The "Artist"). This is the next generation with the [COUF] labeling--mostly worn off now.

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Conn ‘Steelay “Standard” No. 3’ Tenor, 1930/50s rubber – 0.059″

$139.00 - Paired with Conns from 1935-56, these had several options. The "No.5" (of the 6 sizes) was, according to Conn Loyalist: "A short facing with Medium-wide tip opening. The most popular all-purpose mouthpiece. Fine for solo work. Gives Larger Volume than Lay No.2." I find this entertaining because the original tip measures 0.059". The mouthpiece is in excellent condition. It has a huge round chamber and deep rounded side walls. Plays surprisingly easy, tone is bold but tubby, slight bit nasally, but with bolder presence. sorry, no ligature(ASK).

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Brilhart ‘Hard Rubber- #6’ Tenor, Ser# 013167 (RAC reface)- 0.103″ (Archived)

SOLD - These are one of the best Hard Rubber Mouthpieces ever made. We got it as an altered #6 tip and I'll have Bob Carpenter open it up to perfection... There was a minor tooth groove I had Bob fix also. These have a a Nice big sound, medium tone, not too dark, not too bright, Sarge had THREE in his collection for a while, It's "best of" material! These often out-play vintage rubber Otto Links but are more affordable. It looks like it was well played, but was made in the late 60's, serial number 013167. You don't often see "6" facings on this. It arrived slightly larger than original tip, measuring 0.093". Bob opened it up to 0.103"...technically that makes it an 8* tip. Considering Bob's beautiful reface, the price is going to be 549.00. It will probably sell quickly, as i have seen them sell at ebay for 599.00.
549.00 - After the reface Bob said, "You're not getting it back." (The highest compliment he has ever said about a mouthpiece. He was serious.) "I have 3 in my collection, and I intend to make it 4." Needless to say, I got it back but that was because I was supposed to hoard it for my personal collection.

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Brilhart ‘Hard Rubber – #3’ Tenor, Ser# 151128 (RAC reface)- 0.097″ (Archived)

$SOLD - These are one of the best Hard Rubber Mouthpieces ever made. We got it as an altered #5 tip and I had to help it get closer to perfection... There is proof of tooth groove being filled in; I've put a Runyon clear patch on it. These have a a Nice big sound, medium tone, not too dark, not too bright, Sarge had THREE in his collection for a while-- It's "best of" material! serial number 151128. Bob Carpenter reface 0.097".

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Brilhart ‘Personaline S6’ Tenor, Rubber (RAC reface)- 0.105″(Archived)

SOLD - SUPER GEM! black hard rubber, Bob Carpenter did the minor perfection of the reface to a 0.105. As usual, Bob's work looks excellent! The sound is a warm-round, with semi-clean clarity -- truly a blend of sounds and why these are well loved.
Description: " a [Long "E"], denim table, hard rubber, long boat, short shank"
Included is a Rovner ligature($20) and plastic cap.

I am doing some history research on Brilhart and will post photos to help with dating-proofs that are no where else online! WOW! This piece is helping unlock and document history!
Hint: This is a very very early Brilhart due to special markings

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