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Other: ‘Kay O’Brien, Double Chamber- Detroit’ Tenor, (RAC reface)- 0.087″ (Archived)

SOLD - Vintage hard rubber mouthpiece with good material; "B6" on the table (like a Woodwind Co.), "A2" on the side, It has small chamber into the throat of the mouthpiece, with a small step-ledge as it opens into the medium chamber. REFACED by Bob Carpenter to a 0.087". This plays super easy and has a nice Classical tone--partly muffled, resonant in the lower register. Baffle looks like Guardala 15%, or Berg 15% -- the slight bullet drop.

***Michael Brockman (University of Washington Professor of Saxophone) tested --Stamp of approval!

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Other: ‘Wein’ Tenor, (RAC reface) – 0.101″

SALE $79.00 - plastic composite mouthpiece with inner side walls (like a JK slimline), a very nice player with free blowing tip measuring an original 0.101" after Bob met the tip! Looking for a bargain mouthpiece? Ignore the lesser-known name, and you get a good player!

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Meyer ‘5M’ Tenor, 1980s, Rubber (Archived)

SOLD - Here is one from the early 80s with a warm Meyer, jazz tone. original tip is at 0.076". These versatile mouthpieces can bridge the gap between swing, trad and jazz. no special ligature here. "#5, medium chamber, medium facing length"
For cheaper than New prices, I'll inspect and perfect the Seal of this mouthpiece!

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Martin ‘[Committee III]’ Tenor, (WWS reface)- 0.076″

SALE $49.00 - I'm going to call these the [Committee III] model, because they came with that model of sax. Here is an 50s/60s Martin plastic mouthpiece (originally paired with "The Martin ____" horns) . They are good players with a mild-vintage tone--a bit more nasal tone compared to #1 above due to the enhanced tip by me is a 0.076". Plastic mouthpiece with a Medium-Small chamber with flat sidewalls (slightly larger than Brilhart Ebolins). slight tooth marks. Comes with brass ligature.

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