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Martin ‘[Committee III]’ Tenor – 0.075″

$69.00 - I'm going to call these the [Committee III] model, because they came with that model of sax. Here is an early 50s/60s Martin plastic mouthpiece (originally paired with "The Martin ____" horns) . They are good players with a mild-vintage tone--a bit more nasal tone compared to #1 above due to the original tip is a 0.075". Plastic mouthpiece with a Medium-Small chamber with flat sidewalls (slightly larger than Brilhart Ebolins). mild tooth imprints. Comes with nickel ligature.

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Gregory ‘Los Angeles – 5A 20’ Tenor, 1940s/50s, Ser#9988, Fiber Resin (Archived)

$SOLD - SOUND: Focused warmth and slight edge--from flat sidewalls into round chamber(throat). "Rico Products LTD Distributors" + "Model A". These have a shallow beak that allows the mouthpiece to vibrate freely like Gregorys are known for. TIP arrived measuring very much original 0.078". However, when I look at it, I feel like there was very very minor work done to the tip to help it seal (perhaps). I'll inspect this and make sure it plays awesome. After refacing work here at WWS, the tip measures 0.084".

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Goldbeck & Co. ‘”Superb” #3’ Tenor, 1920s (WWS reface)- 0.092″ (Archived)

SOLD - Nickel plated brass (nickel-silver, some say). These are great mouthpieces! Just refaced here at WWS to 0.092". It is a HUGE large chamber with a huge tone. I left a slight roll-over baffle to add some clarity. it is Classic Jazz all the way. The last one made me think I was Coleman Hawkins on steroids! Seriously! This one has a 10% smaller tip size. I have a working ligature Included.

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