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Holton 1922 ‘Elkhorn’ Bb Tenor, Silver #11k

SOLD - A collector's joy - The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. The serial numbers on the Holton saxes can be misleading online. For dating, note the Eb/C touch design shape, the thick neckstrap ring, the split bell keys... This sax also features:
--G# trill
--Eb3 trill

FINISH: Original silver plate, in excellent 90%+ condition

SOUND: Sweet, vintage, ... more to come here...

Original (near) 100 year old pads installed! WOW! They are the white leather with a stitch in the center (no rivets used yet). You can bet the tone is restricted, yet fit for the era. What a "collector piece". There is a vintage, musty smell than must be mentioned. I have yet to treat the case to help.
Item #:WWSConMK3.5S0.00.6281.7-0

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Conn 1966 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, #H42,09x (Archived)

SOLD - An affordable 10M - Yeah Buddy! Don't knock on the 60s era 10M too harshly. It still sounds like a 10M, but the snobs will overlook this horn. Trust me, it's good but obviously is no match against a 10M from 1935-42($3000-4500 duh). Previously rebuilt at WWS by the master, Sarge; this sax was owned by a friend who had a stable of saxes to rotate between. Thus, the pads didn't get worn out much considering the rebuild was from a few years ago. We took the sax back in on trade and it still played effortlessly down through the sax. 
SOUND: This one is [that 10M tone but with the '60s reputation]. (I'm trying to say that it still sounds like a Conn 10M, but it's not the $3,000+ crisp/resonant-tone that comes from the 1930s/40s... This one is 25+ years later!)
PADS: the setup is a WWS Rebuild (Sarge did in 2008 or so) tan pads on 50% flat resos with rivet (similar to Conn originals). The pads have a ton of life left on them; expect little to no problems over the next 1-5 years.
CASE: a very nice square case (looks like a Selmer).

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