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King 1958 ‘Super 20’ Bb Tenor, #362k

$5,299.00 - Nice original lacquer super 20, with the Serial number 362,xxx dates it to roughly 1958. What I really love is the rich, big tone. Super 20's are more or less divided up into 3 categories, early, middle and late production, this one falls in the middle and has a great balance of sound. The King horns sure get my vote and I gig with them often. This one is yet to be rebuilt and will need such to be rockin'. No major dents to worry about; a few pings in the body or backside(some I removed before photos). The bell interior will be washed and treated to help remove the green during a rebuild here. Price includes a killer rebuild and I'd love to help you set it up to your liking. CASE: original King case (note: no end cap for tighter fit inside the case.)

Item #::WWS2ES1.52.80.7121.6-0

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King 1950 ‘Super 20’ Bb Tenor, Full Pearls #308k

$5,999.00 - #308k!, engraved pants guard!, with tear-drop G#. It arrived in the original case, but I'm not sure you'll want that for daily uses(collecting perhaps). let's talk about how to set this one up with the pads and resos to woo your neighbors!

... please talk me out of putting it in MY collection.

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