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Meyer ‘5M “Made in USA”‘ Tenor, 1980s – 0.070” (Archived)

SOLD - These versatile mouthpieces can bridge the gap between swing, trad and jazz; comes with WWS's inspection and minor refacing enhancements to the tip included at the same price as a new model without such. It plays with a controlled presence due to the lower tip size and will help progress any young player or player returning to sax. It allows for boosted volume in the Medium chamber without requiring more air.

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Selmer 1984 ‘USA – 164/TS100’ Bb Tenor, #821,4xx (Archived)

SOLD - Early model Selmer USA in the Omega, prized, serial number range. Swallow this: a Pro, Selmer, Tenor... for under $3000. That is a very hard thing to offer. The darker lacquer and a mix of the lighter tone starting to be on the keywork/guards (transitional!) These are seriously one of the secret gems in the whole sax world!

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