Monthly Archives: November 2019

Couf 1976 ‘Superba ii’ Bb Soprano, #76k

$1,899/2,599.00 - A very early Phase 1 Couf Superba. A sought after model made famous by Grover Washington Jr. This example is from the earlier era with the metal thumbhook, added neckstrap ring, in original lacquer finish. Known for good ergos and intonation, this is one to consider.

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Selmer 1972 ‘Mark VI’ Eb Alto, w/ F#, #192k

SALE $4,599.00 (Was $5,300!)- Pretty Selmer Mark VI, medium bow(!), #192k, in great overall condition with high F#. The lacquer is highly intact and a very well done relacquer and the engraving was well preserved! It has a unique hue with a bit more orange in the mix and it really grows on me.

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