Buescher 1916 ‘True Tone’ Eb Baritone, #37k (Archived)

1916-17 Buescher True Tone Baritone

Price: $Sold
  • Year:  1916-17
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: True Tone
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish: Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 37,xxx
Here's a beautiful early TT model ser.#37k, in excellent 97% silver plate, Goldwash bell is rather faded(40%) but ask me about replating that! Keyed to high Eb, thus no Front F key, these old guys are known for their woody tone. It's a buescher thing. If you want true vintage 20's (or earlier) tone, you have to get a buescher or conn. This sax did not have snap in pads.

Sound File (Actual Sax) :
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    BARIs-Selmer VI_SBA-A_BuescherTT

Item #:WWS8.0S0.4111.3-0