Buescher 1920 ‘True Tone’ Eb Baritone, Silver Plate #96k(Archived)

1920-22 Buescher True Tone Baritone

Price:  SOLD
  • Year:  1920
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: True Tone
  • Status: (SOLD-PR)
  • Finish: Silver Plate
  • Serial Number: 96,xxx
Here's another early TT model ser.#96k, in excellent 93% silver plate, Goldwash bell is a bit faded. Keyed to high Eb, thus no Front F key, no spit value either on this era, these old saxes are known for their woody tone. It's a buescher thing. If you want true vintage 20's (or earlier) tone, you have to get a buescher or conn. This sax did not have snap in pads. This frees up the new owner to customize the resos to your liking without being concerned about damaging the original body.

CASE: A good, hard, wooden case.

CURRENT PADS: are newer with plastic resos. The neck looks ok too. Some resolders on the neck joints are present, the most silver wear is on the upper U-joint. The pads have lots of life left with normal maintenance.

I recently tested a few mouthpieces on this one for a good pairing. Be sure to ask & remind me about the "Sigard Rascher" remake mouthpiece. If you didn't know, the player himself made Buescher famous in the 1920s, and the mouthpiece looks like a vintage Buescher design.


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