Buffet 1975 ‘S-1’ Bb Tenor, #23,9xx (Archived)

1975 Buffet (Paris) Crampon S-1 Tenor

a rare classic from Sarge's Collection:

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1975
  • Make:  Buffet
  • Model:  S-1
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 23,9xx

This rare Buffet S-1 looks and played absolutely great on arrival but the pads were a big mix bag of old and new ones. The whole horn is pretty clean and is original. we can see a few original acid bleeds (D key cup, C# post...), includes yamaha replacement case. Known for its well design, these heavy horns keep adjustment well and are very reliable, also excellent intonation and crazy gadgets on the Eb/C rocker, Low Bb table, High F#, & opt. F#--Highly over-engineered. The serial number is 23,9xx, which means it was made in 1975.  the 70's model Buffets had a little more edge and some folks prefer them for that trait. The S-1 is actually quite brighter and bolder than the previous SDAs; so they're a cross between the Buffet SDA & a King Super 20. We decided to give it a French Standard rebuild with premium extras and put flat metal resos w/ rivet to match its original factory setup.

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Item #:SSP18.11.111.0-4-11