Conn 1910 ‘Wonder Improved System’ Eb Baritone, #18106 (Archived)

1910 Conn "Wonder Improved System" Baritone

Price: $Sold (as is)
  • Year:  1910
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: Wonder Improved System
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish: xxxx
  • Serial Number: 18,106
This is a cool vintage history piece in the original finish "polished brass" and the standard keywork up to Eb only and NO rolled tone holes yet in history. I don't fully recommend planning to restore this one for gig use. You may run into keywork and intonation issues; however, for history buffs like myself I like to keep these ones around to look at and imagine the Sousa Band pictures that it likely could have been in (or a similar type in Europe). ser# is 18,106, and high pitch. It arrived in the original double hinged case, plenty stinky but overall in good shape. The horn is a baritone so is had plenty of bumps but nothing too major. the worst is a key guard on Eb that got pushed into the body freeing the soldered on tonehole. Also the neck octave lineage is missing a small extension. But I love the scroll keywork on the neck! This baby is so old it never got pearls either, but for some reason it still got the side-C engineering. haha.


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