Conn 1936 ‘Chu-Transitional-12M’ Eb Baritone, #271k (Archived)

1936 Conn "Chu-Transitional-12M" Baritone

THE Baritone Sax

Price: SOLD


  • Year:  1936
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: Chu- Transitional-12M
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 271,xxx
For the Gerry Mulligan lovers! ... Ser#271k, Original finish at 90%--color is great! LADY FACE/Naked Lady pentagram engraved on the bell.  It needs a rebuild.  She arrived with lots of dents and dings. I'll work those out.  The neck ring was replaced with a 1940s king zephyr three-ring neckstrap ring (this is actually a good thing for you players). The only other 'bad' worth mentioning, is the Opt F# guard has been lost. I have found a 12M replacement part!! (in bare brass).  There are some dents on the back side that I want to improve and the body tube will straighten during the rebuild; I have no worry there.

Case: currently has the Conn-wrapped original. Let's talk about upgrading this...(Protec standard or deluxe cases would be worth the investment ($250-550?).

Let's get it rebuilt with a WWS Rebuild ($1,200+) and let's talk about the special rebuild details you want on this one.  larger brass resos?!? This sax will be a great player with a huge tone!; don't forget the insane market-desire on this model for the Collector in you.

Sound Files to Enjoy:

Track 1: Mouthpiece Comparison (x5) on a Conn Transitional 12M #245k: MC Gregory GALE 4M, Selmer S80D, Otto Link 6*, Meyer 6M, Steve Broadus Perfected Model
Track 2: Mouthpiece Comparison (x4) on a Conn Transitional 12M #245k: IDEAL 0.070", Woodwind Steel Ebonite B6 0.078", Woodwind NY B5* - RAC 0.100", [Berg Larsen] no name 0.100"

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Item #:WWS1E7.6E3.80.12101.5-0