Conn 1937 ‘6M VIII’ Eb Alto, Bare Brass #282k (Archived)

1937 Conn 6M "VIII" Alto, bare brass Restoration

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1937
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: 6M - VIII
  • Status:  $SOLD
  • Finish:  Bare Brass Restoration
  • Serial Number: 282,xxx

Here's another prime era 6M that will be a bargain for the actual transformation that it underwent! This sax had a massive Restoration invested: Matte/shiny bare brass, new matte-effect applied (blasting) and they took exquisite care to mask off the engraving for protection! Beautiful! Serial #282xxx = superb. It received NEW SPRINGS--stainless! Current pads are selmer-style with plastic resos. They have lots of life left. Comes with a vintage Conn Chu case currently. (If you want to buy a newer one/swap... Let's chat.).
***Bottom line description: This is a very very sought after sax to love, play and collect. It has a custom finish. If it got about $100 of tune up work, you'd have a sax that was ready to play your guts out for several years to come!


SOUND FILE: Five Digit selmer mk vi, vs. a King Super 20, vs a Conn 6m(RTH) 

Sound File (actual sax!): ALTOs x4 "Blind": Random order: '51 Buescher 400 "Top Hat", '44 King "Zephyr Special", '37 Conn 6M-VIII, '70 Selmer Mark VI

SOUND FILE (actual sax!): "Conn 6M Set x3": Conn 6M's (RTH): '34 #261k, '37 #282k-VIII, '42 309k-VIII-"U.S."


Item #: WWS-consignmentSC2