Guardala 1990s ‘DG500-SP ‘ Bb Tenor, Silver Plate #003822 (Archived)

 Dave Guardala DG500-SP "New York, USA" Tenor

From Sarge's Collection

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1990s-2000+
  • Make:  Dave Guardala
  • Model:  DG500-SP (silver plate)
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish:  Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 03822

Another really fantastic German sax is a B&S stencil, for Dave Guardala.  I just bought this one, i have been searching  for a early serial number Guardala model 500 for some time.  The craftsmanship is awesome on these horns.  Ergonomics are up there with Keilwerth and Selmer, the materials used are far above par.  The sound is unique and falls somewhere in-between a Conn "Chu" Tenor and a Selmer MK VI.  Here is the Official Description:

The serial number is below 4000. This sax was manufactured before Guardala's association with LA Sax started, and compromises in the quality of the product began appearing."This professional level Bb Tenor saxophone is fabricated and hand made from 72% formulated Copper alloy yellow brass with full rib post construction and hand hammered bell. All rods are solid nickel silver with stainless steel screws, springs are tempered blue steel and authentic Mother of Pearl key buttons are used throughout. Custom hand made French pads, by Chanu, with metal resonators come standard along with hand engraving on the bell, high F#, plus extensive fine tuning key adjustment screws at all critical points. This horn has triple silver plating finish with meticulous fancy hand engraving on the bell. Upper and lower key stacks are ergonomically designed for smooth, accurate and positive digital feel."

CRB addendum: SERIAL : #03822 (updated 10/2016)

Sound files on a DG500 to enjoy:
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