Guardala ‘DG Studio’ Tenor, Ser#5496 – 0.111″ (Archived)

Dave Guardala DG Studio, Tenor #5496

Price: $SOLD
  • Make:  Dave Guardala
  • Model:  DG Studio
  • Serial:  #5496
  • Tip-Size:  0.111"
  • Facing:  Refaced - WWS Enhanced
  • Status: Sold!
Yep. The Bomb right here. The handmade greatness, # 5496 with "DG" on the front. "Atilla" on the lower shank (???). Original tip @ 0.112" on arrival, but I needed to repair the rail-seal and metal flaking off. WWS REPAIRED TIP @ 0.111". Repairs consisted of seal enhancement and new silver plating to the table and rail edges. Currently, I don't have a ligature paired with it but I'd be happy to look for a good one for you. A slight tooth groove in the bite pad, and a new clear pad stuck on.
Original Guardala memo:

"STUDIO: This is the third brightest of the tenor models. It has tremendous volume with unexcelled resonance and a full and balance frequency response. This model incorporates a high baffle with a medium bore. the sound of this model is clearly demonstrated by Michael Brecker in the period 1979-1982 [Brecker Brothers Band]. The studio can be used for all types of music a 'Studio Man' would encounter from Fusion to Swing, hence the name. This is our middle of the road mouthpiece."

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Item: WWST4.5S0.6101.6-0C60