King 1944 ‘Zephyr Special’ Eb Alto, #273k (Archived)

1944 King "Zephyr Special" Alto

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1944
  • Make:  King
  • Model:  Zephyr Special
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 273,xxx

Serial number 273k on the neck and body, I really like this model. Original lacquer finish at 95%, Full Pearls in great shape, triple neckstrap ring, and Silver Neck model! These are a transitional link between the Zephyr-Super20 era (super 20s starting around #272K). These have many zephyr traits but also some traits that are unique to only the Special model. This ser# is late in the run of production and they started doing less key engravings on this model (affecting the keys only). I've seen some with all 5 low keys, some with 4, some 3. This one is at the end of that shift and they must have cut that out completely or switched the workers over to the Super 20 production line (they got the key "starbursts").

Here's what has to add:
Tying this all together, the best Zephyrs are Zephyr Specials and the horns produced between 240xxx and 305xxx that have the rounded keywork, double-socket neck and three-ring-straphook. I've seen some outrageously priced very, very early Zephyrs. These horns have very similar intonation tendencies to the Voll True II (i.e. not good) and should be valued slightly more than that model. I can also assume that the horns produced after 383xxx should be considered intermediate quality horns and valued as such, due to all the changes from the "pro" model Zephyr. However, it also seems likely that the Zephyrs produced between 305xxx and the time that the double-socket neck was discontinued (about 383xxx) have the same bore as the "good" Zephyrs, but may be more machine-made, lack some features and/or have a slightly different body composition -- so, a good buy for the more budget-minded.

It arrived with a mix of pads, some on the lower stack were the originals! COOL! I love seeing that. Also it arrived without a case. I will find a great one since this sax deserves it and update the listing when I know more. Price would include ordering a very nice Protec case of your choice. Unless ordered to your custom setup, it will receive a complete rebuild with our "Vintage Standard" set up, Prestini NS tan lambskin pads and flat metal reso's all included for:


Sound File (actual sax!): ALTOs x4 "Blind": Random order: '51 Buescher 400 "Top Hat", '44 King "Zephyr Special", '37 Conn 6M-VIII, '70 Selmer Mark VIALTOsBlind_THC-ZephyrSpecial-Conn6mVIII-SelmerMarkVI.png (23127 bytes)

Item #: WWS06.5W0.6231.3-0