Martin 1938 ‘Committee II- Lion & Crown’ Bb Tenor, #138k (Archived)

1938 Martin Committee 2 "Lion & Crown" Tenor

Price: $Sold
  • Year:  1938
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model: Committee 2 "Lion & Crown"
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish: relacquer
  • Serial Number: 138,xxx
These are great ballad kings. They have a more focused bell that the Committee III (The Martin) and you'll love the comfortable thumbrest (octave rest). Nickel keys/rods, and lacquer cups and body. Serial #138k on neck and body, The dark relacquer is at 80%. Considering a new case; the original one it arrived in is a beat too old to keep. It will get a full WWS Standard Rebuild with tan pads and flat metal resonators.
(I have purposefully not included the 'damage' photos, yet. I just want to get some 'After' pics first. Ask me if these are done yet.)

Sound File for you to enjoy:
  1. 1.
    Tenors file: Selmer MKVI vs. Martin Comm 2 vs. Martin Comm 3

Item #:WWS3.5S0.591.6-0C60