Martin 1940 ‘Centennial’ Eb Alto, #137k (Archived)

1940 Martin Centennial Alto

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1940
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model:  Centennial
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 137,xxx

These are the super cool Martin model--the rarest model they ever made. It was produced for only one year...the "Centennial" celebration to what we can assume was the first saxophone? (1843) ...Hmmm, a bit early. Anyway, these hold some interesting traits for keywork as they were designed as the transition between the Comm II and the Comm III. (Don't ask me how this one dates older than the Comm II. ???) It has one-of-a-kind Key guards, Great/fat/lush tone, nice ergos, C# vent, Serial number 137,xxx. Original lacquer 90% with signs of mild use. It looks great overall and the soft-lacquered keys don't have crazy burns; we will burnish any we find and make it look great, there is some nickel corrosion that we'll be able to minimize too. These are Unique playing saxophones that feature solid nickel keywork and lacquer over the nickel (you can see comm2's with burns from a bad era of techs); Intonation is sometimes also unique up high (Tonehole inserts possibly required), sound is more focused than the later Comm III and it still retains that martin warmth--truly a cross between Comm II and III for sound. it will get a complete rebuild with our "Vintage Standard" set up, Prestini NS tan lambskin pads and flat metal reso's. Original case is the Nicest Martin case I've ever seen with tri-pack features (no clarinet insert), still the orange case with a outside wrap (like Selmer) that has taken the yrs of wear.

Sound File (Actual Sax): ALTOs "MARTIN 3-Pack": 1947 The Martin Alto (Comm 3), 1940 Committee II alto(Comm 2), Martin "Centennial Model"

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