Selmer 1952 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Bb Tenor, #53,15x (Archived)

1952 Selmer 'Super Balanced Action' Tenor #53k

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1952
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model:  Super Balanced Action (SBA)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Relacquer, well done
  • Serial Number: 53,15x

There is no need to talk much about this sax's quality. It plays with a smoky tone as expected, with the warmth and clarity of an SBA.  The finish is an 85% relacquer.

Superb Serial #53,xxx with Mark VI-style bell keyguard!!! (I love this! because I hate the earlier design; from my Technician's point of view.)  It also comes with vintage Selmer "Centered Tone" wood Clarinet! ($$$) The clarinet does play all the way down also, however, I would recommend some major repadding on it too.

CASE: the vintage Selmer tri-pack case (flute and clarinet zones intact). The case is in pretty nice shape (one zipper pull lever is gone).

Sound files to enjoy:
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    TENORs-3x--Selmer SBA 53k, Selmer Mark VI 108k, Conn 10M 295k on a 1960s Dukoff D8 nickel-plated brass