Selmer 1952 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Eb Baritone, Low A #49,165 (Archived)

1952 Selmer Super Balanced Action Baritone, Low A

Price: $Sold
  • Year:  1952
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model: Super Balanced Action
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish: Re-Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 49,165
If your mouth just froze with lust, trust that feeling. This is a very cool, very rare sax. If you can find another one of these in good working order WITH Low A, you know that you'd have to pry it out of that owner's hands too! Fortunately for you, this one doesn't need that prying. Although the lacquer is not original, it was a well done relac--possible Factory Relac. The Engraving is still very visible. Ser# 49,165. Unlike many other baritones, there are very very few dings to mention--see Eb key guard--neck curl looks excellent too! Comes in Selmer, old, wood, hard case in solid shape with a handle strap replacement.
***WWS Custom rebuild scheduled with Tan Pads and GOLD Resotech resos.

Sound File for you to enjoy:
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    BARIs-Selmer VI_SBA-A_BuescherTT

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