Selmer 1972 ‘Mark VI “Euro”‘ Eb Alto, w/ F#, #199,xxx (Archived)

1972 Selmer Mark VI "Euro" Alto

Price: SOLD

  • Year:  1972
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model: Mark VI "Euro"
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer, Silver keys
  • Serial Number: 199,xxx

(Photos recently updated after assembly; new neck cork pending)

#199k, Finish: silver plated keys, Original Lacquer body. In excellent condition.  I bought this from the original owner. It was well loved as you can see. Originally marketed for the European market, these Mark VI's had a different engraving, and also the silver plated keys! Three 'cons' to mention: There was a resolder to the Eb guard foot, and some small marks near the palm keys from internal wear (photo name: "...After018"), and C guard feet with minor dents removed. Otherwise, she's as pretty as the photos.

CASE: I am looking to upgrade this one to a nice Protec, or equivalent that you can help choose. I also have the original that we should discuss.

REBUILD: This one received an upgraded rebuild. Black Saxgourmet Roo pads ($100); Pisoni, nickel plated domed resos; and our WWS Premium Upgrade ($299).

$824 Rebuild
$100 pad upgrade
$299 WWS Premium
= $1223 value + taxes(TBD on location?)

TONE: [Selmer tone] all day! - We assembled this sax to be able to do more than just 'quiet jazz'. This setup will be towards a Lead Alto sound and great for solo work and rock/blues players.

Sounds Files to enjoy:

Track 1: Actual Sax! in a "blind" comparison...

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    ALTOs-BLIND-4x: Selmer Mark VI #199k, The Martin Alto #169k, Olds Super #1319, King Zephyr Special #223k
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