Selmer ‘Airflow’ Soprano, late 1920s Large Chamber Rubber – 0.044″ (Archived)

1920s Vintage Selmer Bb soprano

Price: $SOLD
  • Make: Selmer
  • Model:  from Model 22/26 horns
  • Number:  B
  • Era: late 1920s-30s
  • Tip-Size:  0.044"
  • Facing:  Original, WWS Enhanced
  • Ligature: No - Sorry, but ask.
  • Status: Sold!

here ya go, another great one. original Tip @ 0.043-44". I think these were originally paired with the Model 22 and 26 selmers. It has a faded marking that could be either "B" or "D" or "L" on the side of the table (going off the 0.043, I would say "B" is correct). sadly, very slight nicks in the tip. They don't appear to be in affecting the seal. These I chose to finesse into perfection for this great mouthpiece. no ligature, sorry. These are rather sought after and I will price it very appropriately at:

Sound File of this actual mouthpiece:
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Item: WWS1.0w0.8221.3-0C30