Selmer ‘Metal Scroll “D”‘ Soprano, Silver (Archived)

Vintage Selmer scroll "D" Bb soprano

Price: $SOLD
  • Make: Selmer
  • Model:  Scroll, metal
  • Number:  D
  • Era: 1960s+
  • Tip-Size:  0.052"
  • Facing:  Original, WWS Enhanced
  • Ligature: No - Sorry, but ask.
  • Status: Sold!

This is a very well-loved soprano mouthpiece. It is silver plated brass and in good shape. Tip measures 0.052" after I fixed it. I noticed there was a ding in the tip so I will repair it and silver plate the repair. It already played well before I made the fix but the repair will perfect the tip seal. (teo pictures are of it side by side a Tenor version of the Classic; they do tarnish but you can see I made this one come alive with some love!) Comes with the original ligature and sliding cap!!! since some of the other tip sizes are commanding +600.00, this will be appropriately:

SOLD - consider that the facing has been improved from factory errors!

Item: WWS0.00.8151.3-0-2C60

Sopranos Sound File on this mouthpiece:
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