SML 1949 ‘Revision C’ Eb Alto, #7,5xx (Archived)

1949 S.M.L. "Revision C" Alto Sax

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1949
  • Make:  SML
  • Model: "Revision C"
  • Status:  $SOLD
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 75xx

Disclaimer: I love SMLs. True to form, this SML has a meaty tone, with a smoky texture! It's more American in tone, and has the French engineering in the keys. SOUND: it's actually a Reserved tone, less bold than the Rev D, and fits into a sultry Combo tone more than lead alto. (HOWEVER, a customer thought his played brighter in the moment, not side by side a Rev D)

Serial #75xx, The Rev D is usually more sought after, which had all of the "22 features". The Rev C has most of those from the Rev B changes. The Revision C & D are very different than the Rev B. So... what I'm saying here is this is the [cheap Rev D] option for you. Original Lacquer at 60%, ORNATE Engravings, the lyre holder is no longer present (oh well), but the G# articulator is present!, the sax is in good condition (damage to the lower bow, and minor scratches throughout), good pads that are too nice to tear out-- I'll tune the sax up and make her sing and play easy. Comes with a case--TBD.

Cosmetic Rating: 7.5

Sound File (Actual sax!): Buescher BigB325k, VOSS, SML Rev-C #75xx, Buescher TrueTone#205k, OLDS Superstar

Item #: WWST50-5.0W0.11171.5-0-98