SML 1970 ‘King Marigaux’ Eb Alto, #26k (Archived)

1970 King Marigaux SML alto saxophone

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1970
  • Make:  (SML)
  • Model: King Marigaux
  • Status:  $SOLD
  • Finish: Original?
  • Serial Number: 26,xxx

It is in good condition over all. The lacquer is worn in places with about 95% remaining, it looks so good we can't be sure if it's original or redone; but it's priced as a very nice relacquer. The serial number is 26,xxx so appx. 1970 model. All the Marigaux's have the Selmer style straight tone holes, this one also has some adjusting screws and some of the 23 features, it also has a High F# key. It's in it's original case, which is in good shape--but the left latch is lazy, needs help popping open. There are no dents. She received a complete vintage style rebuild, and that's included in the price of:
SUPER PLAYER! Clean, crisp tone! (likely from the domed resonators--kind of like newer selmers)

SOUND FILE: Buffet SDA vs King Marigaux SML vs The Martin Alto

SOUND FILE: Buffet SDA 1972 vs King Marigaux SML 1970

Item #: WSS07.0U0.10.1310.5-12-C09